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A 2016 youth survey conducted by the National Allergy Strategy showed that 50% of respondents felt as though they couldn’t carry their EpiPenĀ® during social occasions as the device is too bulky, and doesn’t fit in a clutch or pocket. Read more

Surviving Food Technology when you have a Food Allergy

We can all agree starting high school is super nerve-racking. Meeting new people, having a number of different classes a day, and everyone just seem so BIG. But above all that, there is probably one subject that is worrying you most. Read more

Valentine’s Day

‘Will you be my Valentine?’ a phrase we all want to hear this coming Valentine’s Day. But when you have severe allergies February 14 can be downright awkward. Chocolates, flowers, maybe a cheeky lil’ kiss – eeep! Read More

Need help

If you need help, contact the organisation below:

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia

  • Send an email
  • Phone 1300 728 000
    This support line is NOT an emergency helpline. Please call 000 for an ambulance in an emergency.